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How Expensive Is Divorce?

When most attorneys talk about “how expensive divorce can be,” they’re talking about your asset division and support problems. However, most attorneys tend to avoid another significant divorce cost: attorney fees.

At Klausner | Johnson LLP, we’re here to help our clients achieve their goals. We understand that you may feel like pursuing a divorce or finding skilled representation isn’t something you can afford. That is not necessarily the case.

Equity In Family Law Representation

Generally speaking, you will pay for the representation you retain in your divorce. Many people believe that the person with the more significant resources will secure the most effective representation. In other words, money may buy the best divorce outcome.

To be frank, that is often the case. But it isn’t the entire story. In California, sections 2030 and 2032 of the family code attempt to “level the playing field.” Primarily, this requires a request for “contribution toward attorney fees,” which can be done many times throughout a divorce.

Additionally, you may request different types of attorneys’ fees included in an award for such issues as:

  • Domestic violence issues
  • Paternity questions
  • Breach of duty disputes

If you are heading toward divorce and are unsure how to retain adequate representation, please know that there are many available options.

You Deserve Strong, Smart Advocacy

While some people believe they can spend their way to a good outcome, you do not have to let yourself get run over. Attorney fees should never stand in the way of the representation you deserve or the rightful outcome in your case.

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