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Domestic Violence Issues Are Devastating

The most challenging and demanding issues in family law are those relating to domestic violence. On both sides of the matter, you will find people facing a dire situation that requires dedicated legal assistance.

At Klausner | Johnson LLP, our attorneys each have over 20 years of experience providing confidential, thorough service to people in Irvine facing domestic violence issues. We listen to our clients’ problems and work with them to build solutions.

Services For Victims Of Violence

California law offers victims of domestic violence many options for securing their safety. You can seek a protective order against such people as:

  • Former spouses
  • The other parent of your child
  • Someone you live with
  • Any blood relation

These orders make it a crime for the subject to contact you, and if an order is violated, the person may face significant time in jail and high fines.

These are matters of personal safety for you and possibly your children. You deserve to act to protect yourself, even if it seems hard. We will work with you throughout the process.

Protection Those Accused Of Violence

On the other side of a domestic violence issue is the person accused. An accusation of domestic violence has the potential to cause a great deal of personal and professional turmoil. There are very strict penalties for those who violate a restraining order, so it is in your best interests to get informative representation.

It is important to remember that you have rights even if you are the subject of a restraining order. Often, domestic violence laws are weaponized in other family law matters. We seek to protect our clients and preserve their reputations with confidentiality and efficiency.

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We are lawyers who do what we need to do for our clients. We put our legal knowledge and skills to the test for you, no matter the circumstances. We know how sensitive domestic violence issues can be and promise to take the matter as seriously as you deserve.

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