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Paternity Results Can Be Life-Changing

A paternity test can make a massive impact on people. It can affirm a connection. It can disrupt a family. It is a frequently dramatized situation, but it is important to remember that paternity tests can carry very important legal weight.

At Klausner | Johnson LLP, we have seen many families from Irvine and the surrounding area weather the results of paternity tests and helped them navigate what comes next. Often, these tests create the basis for new custody or visitation schedules; the results can change the child support conversation. No matter what happens, we will be there.

Paternity Tests May Be Vital To Gain Parental Rights

When a father seeks to initiate a relationship with their biological children, it can be an uphill battle. From a legal standpoint, there are many challenges to establishing paternity after the birth if you are not recognized from the beginning. However, that does not mean it isn’t possible.

You should be aware that there are many roadblocks to gaining paternal rights in this manner, the first of which is compelling a blood test. If this becomes a dispute, you must be prepared for a difficult fight. However, if your wish is to become a part of your child’s life, you may feel you must do what is necessary to achieve that goal.

Paternity Issues Are Always Complicated, But We Can Help

If you seek support from the biological father of your child, who disputes the claim, the court may demand a blood test. With a paternity test, you may be able to successfully gain support for your child from the other parent.

As attorneys with more than 20 years of experience providing skilled family law services to people across this part of California, we know what to do. Paternity law is difficult, but we can build a plan with you and aggressively pursue your goals. Reach out to our office at 949-220-1500 or through this online form.