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A Certified, California-Specific Team For Divorce

When facing a divorce in California most people have three top questions: How long will it take, how much will it cost, and will I lose everything, including time with my kids?

At Klausner | Johnson LLP we understand how unsettling not having answers can be. We are here to guide, support and protect your interests throughout the divorce process. Located in Irvine, we help clients throughout Orange County.

Answers To Your California Divorce Questions

How long your divorce will take depends on many variables. Once we meet with you and discuss your situation, obstacles and goals we can give you a clear timeline. Some divorces, because there are many assets, businesses and children or step children, can require more time. In the majority of cases California divorces are resolved in just over a year. Some cases take up to 18 months. Almost all divorces in California are complete within two years.

At Klausner | Johnson LLP we work as your advocate, protecting your interests and your future every step of the way. We know that in many cases, taking the time to do things the right way saves both time and money in the long run.

What Can Delay The Resolution Of A Divorce?

Some California divorces are more readily settled. This is often due to both parties’ willingness to move forward and negotiate. This means that at some point both sides will need to make a compromise for an expedient resolution.

Once you have decided to move forward with your divorce and after you retain representation, there are several steps including filing, acquiring experts and necessary resources, depositions and potential settlement agreements.  In many cases a settlement agreement is met and a judgment is executed. A delay most often happens when one or both parties refuse to find common ground. Delays happen because either disclosures are not filed in a timely manner or because, though numerous attempts have been made, an agreement cannot be reached.

In California, both a Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure and a Final Disclosure must be completed. If one of the parties does not do this, no divorce will ever be final in California.

When an agreement cannot be found the case proceeds to court. Your attorney will request a date for trial, schedule the required conferences, get a trial date and then go to court.

A Full-Service Family Law Firm

At Klausner | Johnson we offer guidance and representation on many California divorce and family law matters including:

A combined legal experience of nearly 50 years and our certifications and focused legal practice makes us ready to help you with your family law issue. You can count on the team at Klausner | Johnson.

The Klausner | Johnson Difference

There are many firms you could turn to, to handle your divorce. At Klausner | Johnson LLP we’re different. Not only do we have proven performance in high-caliber, high asset and high-conflict divorce, we also have the certifications and unique work experience that set us apart.

Partner Andrew R. Klausner has extensive experience in leadership in California family law. He is a certified family law specialist by the State of California, certified minor’s counsel in Los Angeles County and an arbitrator for the Orange County Bar Association. Partner Elizabeth Jablecki Johnson worked as counsel with the San Diego Department of Child Support Services. She also successfully managed the family law department of a full-service practice. Together with our team of paralegals we offer big firm know-how with small-firm accessibility and service.

Divorce Help At Any Time In The Process

If you are just making the decision today, or if you are already separated and just want to make things final, we can help. Give us a call at 949-220-1500 or send us a brief, confidential email about what you need and we will be in touch.