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Tailored Representation For Your California Spousal Support Case

In many divorce cases, spousal support is ordered. Sometimes called alimony, spousal support is the amount of money to be paid from one spouse to the other in order to support his or her life. When you are dealing with spousal support as part of a divorce, it is essential to have an attorney on your side to protect your best interests.

At the Orange County office of Klausner | Johnson LLP, we understand the impact that spousal support and other divorce issues can have on your life and future. You worked hard during your marriage to get to where you are today and want to protect what you have earned. Our attorneys use their extensive knowledge of the California divorce laws and their years of experience to advocate for you every step of the way.

Types Of Spousal Support

There are two types of spousal support that are ordered in California divorce cases:

  • Temporary spousal support: This type of spousal support is ordered during the divorce before it has been finalized. Temporary spousal support is designed to help one party financially support themselves during the divorce, similar to how they were supported during the marriage. A hearing for temporary support is set once a Request For Order (RFO) is filed, and the courts will review a guideline calculator before granting an amount of temporary support.
  • Permanent spousal support: An order for permanent spousal support is granted as part of the finalized divorce and is expected to be followed going forward from the finalization date. Unlike temporary spousal support, there is no guideline calculator that judges use to determine permanent support. They take into consideration a number of different factors and then make a decision as to the length of time spousal support will be paid as well as the amount. Once the order is granted, any deviations from the order must be sought through a modification process and approved by the court.

Factors That Affect Spousal Support

Spousal support is often a highly contested issue during divorce, as parties will disagree as to whether support is necessary as well as the amount and length of time it will be provided. Regardless of the discrepancies between the parties, it is up to a judge, who takes into consideration a wide range of factors, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The ages and health of each spouse
  • The financial contributions of each spouse to the marriage (such as who worked, if one contributed to the education or career of the other)
  • The standard of living during the marriage and each spouse’s ability to support this standard of living on their own
  • The property and debts of the parties
  • The career impacts of the marriage (such as a parent who cared for the children or home)

These are just some of the factors that are considered. When speaking with our firm about your situation, we can help you understand if there are additional factors that may impact your spousal support case.

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