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What should you do if your spouse is violating the custody order?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Divorce |

Adjusting to life after your divorce in California may bring with it many unique challenges. What may complicate matters further is if your former spouse refuses to comply with custody orders.

You would hope that upon negotiating a final custody agreement that all is set and done. However, if you run into problems with your ex, you may feel discouraged, unable to move on and concerned about the well-being and emotional health of your children.

Addressing the problem

At the first sign of trouble, speak privately with your ex and see if you cannot get to the root of the problem. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding about the custody order. Maybe he or she is unable to meet recommended obligations due to situational changes but feels scared to talk to you. If there is not an immediate answer to the problem and inconsistencies and blatant ignorance continue, you may need to implement an alternative solution.

According to, one thing you may consider is requesting modification of your child custody agreement. If you pursue this route, the courts may analyze the communication efforts and patterns between you and your ex, as well as look extensively at your original agreement. Evidence suggesting that your ex has ignored the order entirely may support your effort to request a modification.

Following the rules

Despite your ex’s ignorance, your vigilance in abiding by the custody order may strengthen your case and assist you in maintaining your reputation as a committed parent. While you may face the temptation to do whatever you want in response to your ex’s behavior, acting that way may prove a serious mistake. As you await a solution, continue to follow the rules and provide your children with a reliable and consistent routine to give them as stable a life as possible.