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Helpful tips for navigating child custody in California

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Divorce |

For those going through a divorce in California with young children, child custody issues probably rank near the top of the list of concerns. Divorce in general presents many challenges; adding child custody to the proceedings tacks on an additional layer of complexity.

A few tips from reliable sources always come in handy.

How to calculate child support

Whether a person pays or receives child support, it helps to have an estimate of the likely adjudicated amount. California Child Support Services provides an online child support calculator that enables a person to get a solid estimate ahead of the final court settlement. The calculator uses the same legal guidelines that California courts use to award payments in child support cases.

The judge or the county child support commissioner considers many factors when assigning a monetary amount to child support. Only certain legal authorities have the power to determine a child support level. The calculator provides an estimate based on certain legal principles; however, it does not guarantee a specific amount of support in individual cases.

How to find resources to help with child custody

The California Courts provide several resources to help parents cope with the practical, emotional and financial challenges of child custody. This information, often available online, covers such topics as preparing a parenting plan for children as well as providing information on coping with divorce. The Families Change program has three versions: one for parents, one for young children and one for older children.

Other resources assist a parent in preparing for court-ordered mediation and counseling sessions. Other guides cover visitation rights of grandparents, domestic violence, and supervised visitation and custody. Knowledge of divorce and child custody can help both adults and children cope with complex issues.