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What could lead to a child custody modification?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2021 | Divorce |

If you want to seek a change in your child custody order, you have the right to ask the court to make the change. This is known as a modification and requires court intervention for it to be legally binding. 

The California Courts explain modifications can only occur if there is a change in circumstances, which can mean various things when it comes to child custody. 

Change of address

If you or the other parent moves, you may need to adjust the child custody order. It depends on the extent of the move as to whether it will be enough to prompt the judge to modify the order. 

A good reason to change an order would be if one parent leaves the state. It would have an impact on how well the parents could co-parent and affect visitation arrangements. In the case where the parent who has physical custody of the children moves out of state, a court order is a requirement to take the children out of state. 

Change in employment

If you or the other parent has a significant change in employment that impacts your ability to care for the children according to the existing order, then you could require a modification. The court always wants to do what is best for the children. In this situation, the best thing might be changing the order to allow for proper supervision and care. 

Change in age

As your kids get older needs will change. Your children may want to request a modification to the custody order or they may need it to allow for certain things. For example, if a child wants to change school districts, he or she may wish to have a custody change so he or she can live with the parent within that school district. 

Child custody modifications are not a difficult request as long as you have a valid reason for asking for them.