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Why am I grieving the end of my marriage?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Divorce |

A divorce is the end of a relationship, which means you may feel grief. This is a completely normal way to feel, but you may not understand why it is happening. 

Brides Magazine explains that there are a few reasons why you may feel grief and understanding the reason behind your feelings can help you to move through it more easily. 


A divorce brings about a lot of change. You may have everything about your lifestyle change once you file for divorce. It is never easy to adjust when your life suddenly becomes different. You may grieve for everything you have lost and everything that will be so different now. 

It also brings about a huge mental change. You were used to thinking of yourself as one part of a couple, and now you have to adjust that to realizing you are single and alone. This is tough for some people, so it can lead to grieving over the loss of your other half. 

Lingering feelings

You may also be in a situation where the divorce was not something you saw coming or were planning for a long time. This sudden change may mean that you still have feelings for your spouse. Letting go of those feelings can bring about a huge sense of loss. 

You may also grieve the loss of the partnership and the person who you used to love. It can be tough to change your mindset from loving someone to letting them go, which naturally brings about grief. 


You may also feel a lot of fear about what is happening and how this will impact you moving forward. If you were in a situation where your spouse took care of you, the loss of that care can be devastating. You may feel intense fear about how to move forward and grieve the way things were. 

It is perfectly ok to grieve the end of your marriage. Divorce brings up many feelings, and you need to work through them to be able to start your new life after your marriage ends.