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How much spousal support may the court award me?

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California’s laws recognize the income and bonuses earned while married as belonging evenly to both spouses. If you require financial support, you may also receive up to half of your ex-spouse’s earnings.

According to California’s Family Code, a judge considers each spouse’s future employment potential when calculating an amount. Your ability to find gainful work after your divorce may determine how long a support order lasts.

How may I find employment after staying home?

A judge may review your age, health and past work history before you married. If you did not work but instead supplied domestic duties for your household’s benefit, the court may consider the value that you provided.

Some individuals must reenter the workforce after a lengthy marriage. Because you may need to update your skills, the court may consider whether you require training or courses for reinstating an occupational license. Spousal support may provide relief for the time necessary to train and regain employment.

How long may I receive support if I cannot work again?

Under extreme circumstances, a judge may award permanent spousal support, as noted by the Judicial Council of California’s website. The court may consider a long-term support order for marriages that lasted at least 10 years.

While the law provides financial support for a “reasonable” time, a disability or other impairment may result in an award for your lifetime. If your relationship ended because of severe abuse or criminal activity, a judge may consider the permanent damage it caused.

The Golden State’s laws consider assets and income as community property that divides equally in half. You may receive up to half of your shared property’s value when divorcing. With some court orders, spouses may also receive financial support for as long as necessary.