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Ways to pay child support online in California

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Divorce |

If you have an existing child support order, or you expect to owe child support soon, you need to focus on staying caught up. Back child support can lead to harsh penalties, such as the loss of your license and even time behind bars.

Many parents have support taken out of their checks due to an incoming withholding order, but others have to find another way to pay support. For example, if you are a business owner or do not have a job, you could have to pay child support in a different manner. In fact, you could have the ability to pay for support online.

Online child support payment options

California Child Support Services discusses some of the online child support payment options that are available. You can make payments using your savings or checking account, and you can also pay support online with a credit card, debit card or PayPal. You can make these payments on the California State Disbursement Unit’s site.

On the SDU’s site, you have the option to pay as a registered user and you can also submit payments without registering.

Important issues regarding online child support payments

When making a child support payment using the California SDU’s website, you need to provide your Social Security number and Participant ID number. If you make payments without registering, you will not have the ability to see previous transactions on the website. System problems can result in duplicate payments, so exercise caution if you see an error message and reach out to your credit card company before attempting to pay again.

Regardless of how you pay child support, do everything in your power to stay caught up.