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Statistics show an increase in older adult divorces

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | Divorce |

If you face serious problems in your marriage and want to end the relationship, you should not let concerns about your age prevent you from taking steps that are necessary to pursue a brighter future. As an older adult, you could deal with a variety of challenges on a daily basis, whether you worry about your finances, your children or grandchildren and your health. Sometimes, older adults feel hopeless and decide to stick it out, even if they endure significant problems as a result of a dysfunctional marriage.

However, data shows that more older adults have made the decision to end their marriage, and this should serve as a source of encouragement if you want to file for a divorce.

Statistics on older adults and divorce

The U.S. Census Bureau says that filing for divorce has become more prevalent among those over 50 in recent decades. Additionally, 2016 Census data shows that 39% of older adults between 65 and 74 had gotten a divorce, compared to 24% of those 75 and over and 43% of those between 55 and 64.

This data outlines how common divorce is among older adults and acts as a reminder that you are not alone.

Moving forward with divorce as an older adult

Sometimes, the divorce process is easier for older adults. Unlike some younger couples, if you have children who have grown up and left the household, you will not have to worry about child support or custody. That said, the divorce process could become particularly difficult from an emotional and even physical viewpoint, and it is crucial to extensively review your options and take the smartest approach.